Patriot Picnic: All-American Essentials

Continuing with our we’re-so-happy-it’s-the-4th-of-July theme this week, we’re thinking about impromptu picnics today. Wednesday is an official holiday for all, so we’re closing down shop for the day (yay for a day off!), packing a few delectable salads and unusual sandwiches and heading out to the Virginia wineries for a somewhat impromptu picnic. I’m not so sure that wine and open-faced sandwiches topped with gourmet hummus is a particularly American pastime on this oh-so American of holidays, but what I do know is that there’s nothing more American than the freedom to celebrate in whichever way makes you happiest.

While the picnic we have planned for tomorrow is bound to be a bit more haphazard and less put together than the one I’ve imagined in my head, here’s inspiration for the ideal All-American picnic, accessorized with with the right mix of patriotic spirit, graphic embellishments, and All-American vintage character.


{1. Schooner Melamine Plates |2. Square Hi-Gloss White Tray | 3. Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass | 4. Oliver Ice Cube Cooler | 5.  Vintage Flatware | 6. Chrysalis Wine | 7. Beach Blankets | 8. George Washington Divided Tray}

And by the way, did you know that the Norton grape, found a plenty at the Virginia wineries and especially at my favorite Chrysalis,  is oft-considered the true American grape? Score one for the truly American 4th of July celebration.


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