We Love: Tiny Tables

Let’s talk must-haves. Here at Blue Rooms-White Houses, we have a minor obsession with tiny things: tiny dogs, tiny lamps, tiny books, and especially tiny tables. Somehow and someway a tiny piece makes its way into a client’s design (not the tiny dogs, of course). Not only are tiny tables usable in so many different types of rooms and for many styles, they’re also darn cute. Here are a few of our favorites. Whether tailored or whimsical, it’s safe to say we’d take one of each.


{1. Eames Wire Base Table via DWR | 2. Wisteria Venetian Cigarette Table | 3. West Elm Martini Side Table | 4. Martini Table via Verve | 5. Pearson Bunching Table | 6. Lucy Smith Hank Cigar Table | 7.  Oopmh Tini II | 8. Lucy Smith Sylvia Table | 9. Spectrum Baluster Side Table | 10. Barbara Barry Iron Tripod Table | 11. Holly Hunt Lens Table | 12. Oly Baby George Table | 13. CB2 Timber Side Tables | 14. Room & Board Slim Console Table | 15. Ikea Stockholm Side Table}


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5 thoughts on “We Love: Tiny Tables

  1. Emily

    I love the Lucy Smith table. Great round up here! I met you and CP at the showhouse and have enjoyed your blog ever since!

    1. Kaitlyn

      Thanks, Emily! Lucy Smith’s work is amazing. We’re actually awaiting the arrival of one of her side tables this week. I’m ridiculously excited about it.

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