We Love: Tiny Tables

Let’s talk must-haves. Here at Blue Rooms-White Houses, we have a minor obsession with tiny things: tiny dogs, tiny lamps, tiny books, and especially tiny tables. Somehow and someway a tiny piece makes its way into a client’s design (not the tiny dogs, of course). Not only are tiny tables usable in so many different types of rooms and for many styles, they’re also darn cute. Here are a few of our favorites. Whether tailored or whimsical, it’s safe to say we’d take one of each.


{1. Eames Wire Base Table via DWR | 2. Wisteria Venetian Cigarette Table | 3. West Elm Martini Side Table | 4. Martini Table via Verve | 5. Pearson Bunching Table | 6. Lucy Smith Hank Cigar Table | 7.  Oopmh Tini II | 8. Lucy Smith Sylvia Table | 9. Spectrum Baluster Side Table | 10. Barbara Barry Iron Tripod Table | 11. Holly Hunt Lens Table | 12. Oly Baby George Table | 13. CB2 Timber Side Tables | 14. Room & Board Slim Console Table | 15. Ikea Stockholm Side Table}


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5 thoughts on “We Love: Tiny Tables

    • Thanks, Emily! Lucy Smith’s work is amazing. We’re actually awaiting the arrival of one of her side tables this week. I’m ridiculously excited about it.

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